Glenn Marlowe - a Contemporary View of "Renaissance Revival"

cutting shims for sectioning
shimming the clay for casting
shimming the hands with metal shims
more shimming
all shim sections are designed
order of sections for removing
details of shimming hand
first layer of plaster applied
detail of plaster being applied
plaster evenly and firmly on clay
plaster applied in layers
2nd coat of plaster applied
cleaning plaster off shims
reinforcing with aluminum pipes
detail of piping
points of contact are rigid
opened figure with clay removed
detail of sections removed from the main section
front section taken down and clay removed
front section cleaned out
multiple sections of mold
detail of hollow frontal section
special metal set into first filling of mold
base prepared to hold figure in upright position
applying aqua resin layers inside mold
detail of the filling of the mold with inner metal
placing stabilizer metal inside mold
detail of stabilizers
mixing aqua resin
filling mold pieces with aqua resin
piping and mold removed
back section is the last to be closed
more plaster to be removed from piece
figure upright with metal bolts
threading for the metal bolts
arms last to be attached
aqua resin hand and arm section


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