Stunning Maquette Size Figure Sculptures

The artwork that you choose to put on display in your home or commercial property can speak volumes about your personality. Whether you are looking for stunning maquette size figure sculptures (14 – 34 inches) for your home, or at a commercial venue, SculpturesNYC is here.  Maquette scale sculptures are only one of the sizes he offers, also available are medium size, and his especially exquisite over life-size works. Such giant-like figures typify Glenn Marlowe’s vision and are available to view.

When he makes you a custom-made original maquette size 3-D work of art, it will reflect your unique ideas, aspirations and tasteAlternatively you may choose any maquette size sculpture from his gallery collection created in his unique realistic and classical style at his gallery/studio in Long Island City, New York.

Glenn Marlowe is a talented sculptor, associated with many New York organizations including the National Sculpture Society where he is currently exhibiting. He is eager to share his work with you either as AN in-person visit, via Facetime/ Zoom  or through his website, Commissioning a maquette scale sculpture from the artist could be a completed full figure sculpture and as simple as sending a photograph of yourself. Whether you are an art aficionado or learning about art, Glenn Marlowe can provide you with a personally designed sculpture. Read on to learn more about Glenn Marlowe and his maquette scale sculptures.

Maquette Scale Sculptures for Your Home

Maquette scale sculptures are compact in size and will embellish your living area. The sculpture you select will be sculpted to reveal every muscle and feature of the human body with absolute precision viewable from all angles. Alternatively, the maquette may be enlarged into a life-size figure which can be placed in your garden or on top of a fountain if you choose. He strives to provide his customers with a memorable and exciting experience when they select Glenn Marlowe as their artist/sculptor.

When you choose to commission the artist to immortalize a loved one, you will be able to decide the exact size, the pose, and the material used to finish your sculpture either in plaster, bronze or aqua resin. The process entails Marlowe first making the sculpture in clay and then asking you to approve it before the finishing process. He designs the sculptures for you to enjoy and share for countless years to come.

Once the work of art is complete, Marlowe will crate and ship it directly to you for your peace of mind. Glenn Marlowe and SculpturesNYC is excited to provide you with a work of art that you will be able to show with pride.

To learn more about our sculptures and services, send us a message today through our online form.

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