Glenn has recently retired from full time math teaching after 30 years in private and public schools. Having graduated from Temple University he started his math career as a staff member of a math lab at a local college. Glenn completed his MA degree at Teachers College, Columbia University, in Computing in Education. He went on to teach math and architecture at both the middle and high school levels and has had very diverse populations.

He enjoyed teaching multilingual students at the United Nations International School where he shared, discussed, analyzed and created curriculum with math specialists from around the world. From there Glenn went on to teach math at the middle school and high school levels at the NYC Lab School in District 2 in Chelsea. He loved meshing math, science and art at every level. His unique and integrated hands-on curriculum won him several awards including the NYC BOE Impact 2 Grant, the Christa McAuliffe NYS Fellowship and the NYC Blackboard Outstanding Teacher Award. Glenn also had the opportunity to share his multi-disciplinary approach with art teachers at the Kennedy Center and math teachers at the NCTM. He presented student built geodesic domes, models of bridges, homes and buildings made of various materials while explaining how he developed his hands-on integrated curriculum . This program was the core of his recent “An Intuitive Fusion for Teens” class at the Art Center of the 92nd Street YM-YWHA.

As Glenn enjoys guiding students to recognize math in everyday life he encourages them to visualize multiple approaches to problem solving. Identifying the math in the everyday world creates discovery and excitement for students at any level. Most importantly he encourages student inquiry in that all questions are relevant. There are no bad questions, but learning to ask a better question is critical in building strong foundational knowledge in math.

Glenn feels that his most significant accomplishment has been the success of his many students who went on to attend one of the specialized high schools such as Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech and Stuyvesant High Schools. It has always been a pleasure for him to encounter former students, including those who are majoring in engineering, urban planning, architecture and business in college. They happily claim that their interest was initially sparked in math class! In fact, what he is most proud of is that two of his middle school math students are now math teachers at the New York City Lab High School!

In addition to his love of math, Glenn enjoys classical music, museums, opera, ballet, architecture, dramatic theater and reading non-fiction.

Making a mock-up for prisms/pyramid project

Using compass to make template of geometric

Very involved student in the construction

A final project using prisms & pyramids

Two dimensional drawing before hand

My guitar made of prisms & pyramids

Using pyramids and prisms to make designs

Making a helicopter from prisms and pyramids

Student work using prisms and pyramids (final)

Student work using prisms and pyramids (final)

Student work using prisms and pyramids (final)

Student work using prisms and pyramids (final)

Pop-ups paper engineering leads to creativity

Pop-up books: paper and engineering

Pop-up exhibition

Buildings with balsa wood and hot glue

Using commercial products to study design ideas

Foam board used to replicate the walls

Skeletal construction completed by students

Presentation to parents architects & engineers

Presentation of completed bridge project

Presentation of project

Bridge project presentation discussion

More commercial products giving the girls ideas

More bridge constructions

Examination of their final home construction

A NY state chess champion and home designer

Comparing home design is park of the process.

Added pieces to make their home special

A whole neighborhood of homes

Hovering over their four week project with pride

Geodesic domes displayed

Color choices make the geometry fun.

A master pianist and geodesic dome designer

Proud of student creativity

Displays of student work is critical.

Student examining this colleagues work

A collage work makes a museum/classroom.

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